Benefits of Baby Swim

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Baby swimming – teach your child the precious gift of water confidence…

Benefits of Baby Swim.
Baby swim is held in hydrotherapy pool Ocean fitness Salthill. and provides the following benefits:

  • Bonding—through enjoying movement, songs and rhymes together, lots of eye contact, praise and love, and fun . . . along with plenty of cuddles!
  • Water confidence—through carefully designed lessons that are structured toward the long term goal of independent swimming
  • Safety skills—which teach independence as well as a safe and healthy respect for the water
  • Exercise—for both parent and child as you swim with your baby and encourage them to learn from you and strengthen their own swimming action.

Frequently asked questions.

When can I Bring my Baby Swimming?
Your baby can begin swimming just as soon as you are ready to bring them. Babies start at around twelve weeks.

Our only criterion is that they need to be less than one year when starting the course.

Try to feed your baby 1-2 hours before the lesson. You may also find your baby is particularly hungry afterwards, having just completed such a healthy workout.

What nappies do baby’s wear?
The double nappy system means a swim nappy (disposable or reusable) must be worn with a neoprene nappy over the top. This creates a double layer of protection, significantly reducing the risk of any leaks.

With health and safety in mind, it’s really important that your baby’s nappy fits snugly enough to form a good seal around their tummy and thighs. Babies of a young age can drop in body temperature very quickly and the extra heat makes them feel more comfortable in the water.

You can order these from

From experience, we recommend one size bigger

Swim nappies are available in most supermarkets and include brands like Little Swimmers and Huggies,

Who goes swimming with baby/Toddler?

One parent or guardian is required per baby/toddler for the lesson. Parents/guardians get into the water with their baby/toddler and are fully supported and guided by the highly-experienced swimming teacher. We do invite two parents to join in if they are available.

Come early

We advise you come early (15 minutes) before the lesson so you have enough time to change yourself and your baby without any pressure or rush.

How long is each session?

Lessons are informative, well-organised and engaging and the babies and toddlers love to splash about, watch other babies and toddlers and really have fun and learn from the experience.

At 30 minutes per lesson, toddler and baby swimming lessons are designed to work with the child’s attention span and energy levels.

After swim class.

Have a quick shower.

Babies and toddlers can get very hungry after swimming so be prepared to feed them or give them a snack after the lesson.

Swim Qualifications.

  • Baby & Preschool Certificate – Swimming Teacher Association
  • Level one swimming teacher- Irish water safely
  • Special needs swimming teacher Babies/toddlers – Birthlight
  • Baby & preschool Diploma -Swimming Teachers Association & Birthlight.

Gift Vouchers Available.
Cancellations require 24 hrs notice.

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